Telecom Division
All of our technicians are trained and certified by BICSI, the leader in
Telecommunications Training.  Call us before your project design is finished for
a consultation visit.  We are a fully licensed and insured Low Voltage Contractor
by the State of Georgia and believe in doing things right the first time.
Structured Cabling
At Dogwood, we believe that any size business deserves a quality infrastructure.  For
many years, we have been providing professional service in the Southeast Georgia
area.  We provide installation and support services for Cat 5E, fiber optic and feeder
cables.  Our technicians are trained by BICSI, and tempered with years of experience.

Copper Infrastructure
Dogwood can install and maintain all of your inside cabling needs.  We have years of
experience with large and small scale cabling projects.  From retrofits and adds, to new
projects, we can do it all

Fiber Optic Cable
Commerce today moves at the speed of light, and Dogwood is there for you.  We have
professional fiber optic technicians that are available to you for all our high speed

OSP and Plant Cabling
Have you ever had a need to connect two or more buildings for telephone and data
applications?  We can do that!  We cab put cable in the ground or in the air.  Dogwood
completes numerous plant cabling applications every year, and if you need to install a
campus network we are here for you.

We provide a full line of video options for security and operational record keeping.  If
you have critical operations that your operators or employees need to watch, we can
put a camera at the location and a monitor in the control room.  We also offer a full line
of digital video recorders for all your archiving needs.
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